HGST HTS545050A7E680
User Benchmarks

HGST HTS545050A7E6805007176519395402.920.910.014.31
HGST HTS545050A7E680500222104940.931.0610.084.01
HGST HTS545050A7E680500217100950.930.9910.103.96
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020799880.750.8913.844.52
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020594900.330.8312.355.01
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020396870.880.9213.704.65
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020394900.660.7214.015.48
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020394900.660.7214.015.48
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020390880.981.179.553.63
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020298830.930.9013.844.56
HGST HTS545050A7E68050020094850.881.0911.143.82
HGST HTS545050A7E68050019987900.930.9810.024.40
HGST HTS545050A7E68050019987900.930.9810.024.40
HGST HTS545050A7E68050019892870.320.7813.115.55
HGST HTS545050A7E68050019692830.910.9211.154.23
HGST HTS545050A7E68050019587870.740.8912.704.60
HGST HTS545050A7E68050019185840.810.9411.734.38
HGST HTS545050A7E680500187100730.990.279.6214.94
HGST HTS545050A7E68050018588740.930.988.944.29
HGST HTS545050A7E68050018587810.530.5815.767.22
HGST HTS545050A7E680500184105630.910.2810.2715.16
HGST HTS545050A7E68050018288780.740.6412.877.59
HGST HTS545050A7E68050018288780.740.6412.877.59
HGST HTS545050A7E68050018190710.860.6911.554.31
HGST HTS545050A7E68050018190710.860.6911.554.31
HGST HTS545050A7E68050017782780.610.8316.515.02
HGST HTS545050A7E68050017280750.570.8215.685.73
HGST HTS545050A7E68050015964760.790.9811.204.80
HGST HTS545050A7E68050012757520.770.5911.467.96
HGST HTS545050A7E68050011831750.870.83110.59125.36
HGST HTS545050A7E68050010547450.470.6717.347.27
HGST HTS545050A7E68050010247370.800.899.175.54
HGST HTS545050A7E68050010114780.540.6916.666.59
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The HGST HTS545050A7E680 is a hard disk drive (HDD) model produced by HGST, which was previously known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and is now a subsidiary of Western Digital. This specific model is a part of the Travelstar 5K500 series, which is known for its applications in mobile and external storage due to its compact 2.5-inch form factor and reliable performance.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications of the HGST HTS545050A7E680:

- Capacity: 500 GB
- Form Factor: 2.5 inches
- Interface: SATA 3.0 Gbps (SATA II)
- Spindle Speed: 5400 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
- Cache: 8 MB
- Data Transfer Rate: Up to 300 MB/s
- Average Seek Time: 12 ms
- Power Consumption: 1.4 W (read/write), 0.55 W (idle), 0.2 W (standby)
- Noise Level: 2.3 Bel (idle), 2.4 Bel (seek)
- MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): 600,000 hours
- Dimensions: 100.2 mm x 69.85 mm x 9.5 mm
- Weight: 102 grams


- Low Power Consumption: Designed for efficient energy use, making it suitable for laptops and portable devices.
- Shock Tolerance: Equipped with features to handle physical shocks and vibrations, enhancing reliability.
- Quiet Operation: Operates quietly with low noise levels, making it ideal for environments where minimal noise is desired.
- Eco-Friendly: Complies with RoHS standards, minimizing the use of hazardous materials.


The HGST HTS545050A7E680 is commonly used in:

- Laptops and Notebooks: Its 2.5-inch form factor and low power consumption make it perfect for portable computing devices.
- External Storage: Suitable for use in external hard drive enclosures due to its compact size and reliable performance.
- Gaming Consoles: Often used to expand storage in gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox.


While the HGST HTS545050A7E680 is not the fastest HDD on the market due to its 5400 RPM speed, it provides a good balance of performance and energy efficiency for everyday tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and multimedia playback. It may not be ideal for applications requiring high-speed data transfer, such as video editing or running high-end games, where SSDs or higher RPM HDDs would be more suitable.


This drive is compatible with most laptops and devices that support a 2.5-inch SATA HDD. It can be used as a replacement drive or for expanding the storage capacity of compatible devices.


The HGST HTS545050A7E680 is a versatile and reliable HDD option for users looking to expand storage or replace existing drives in laptops and portable devices. Its balance of performance, energy efficiency, and durability makes it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

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